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Sometimes you just need that focused support on what you need now

Some of the areas we can cover:


🐠 Practice or refine your pitches

🐠 Speaking engagement prep

🐠 Book signing/event prep

🐠 Overcoming imposter syndrome and own your space at the table

🐠 Support to get more visible and be seen

🐠 Clarity and direction for book and messaging 

"Before the call, I was intellectualizing many of my challenges and not doing anything about them. I was frozen in place and there was a lot of fear-based thinking. During the call, I felt valued and whatever blockage I had inside me started to melt. I'm grateful for Jen's ability to really know what I'm writing about and where I'm coming from. She made me see the possibilities that were foggy for me. After the call, I'm moved to take realistic actions on my writing projects and feel confident in myself that I will achieve them."

- Memoirist

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Tamsen Horton

"Before working with Jen on my most recent book, I was feeling overwhelmed by trying to 'do it right.' I'd not ever done a book with other authors and so I knew I didn't even know what I didn't know and thankfully Jen was right there at the exact moment that I needed her most. She was beyond professional and exactly as I expected - knew when to push, when to ask, when to prompt, ... she was the book's fairy godmother with magical pixie dust. If you have a book inside you and know without a doubt it's there, then I highly recommend working with Jen to make the experience beyond incredible and achieve an end-result that you are so entirely proud of."

Busy Professional

“After talking to Jen, I felt heard. I felt focused and calm about my path ahead. So much of the work I do is completely invisible, so it was amazing to be able to talk to someone and gain insights on these areas I have struggled with quietly and internally for so long. You were able to listen to what I was saying and construct a different narrative than the one I have been stuck telling myself. You put your finger on the problem I couldn't identify on my own. I've made the simple adjustments and feel energized about the path ahead.”

Daniele Lanzarotta

“It’s true what they that ‘it takes a village,’ and I’m so grateful that Jen is part of mine. Over the years, as a beta reader and then as a brainstorming partner and developmental editor, Jen’s work has added so much value to my writing and taking the character development to new levels. She is amazing at helping me get out of my head when I feel stuck and has an incredible ability to point out exactly what the story is missing, or how the audience will perceive certain things.”