4 Keys to Vision and Goal Setting - How

New impactful and meaningful projects and goals are just waiting for you to rise up to achieve them - to bring them to life.

Yet when setting a vision and goals can feel daunting, these four components will help you create the big picture and a plan to get there. Each of these elements are important to frame the vision while enabling it to be actionable and achievable, so this episode will break down the question: what resources are needed to achieve these goals? 

With each component, make some time today to grab a sheet of paper and a pen or open the notes app on your phone and voice all of your thoughts and responses to see what comes up.

More than likely the goals you've selected are challenging, but that's a good thing because part of leadership is learning and growing. In order to move closer to your vision and move to the next level of performance for you as an individual or as an organization, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Pro tip: Schedule your business reviews into your planner or calendar and make this part of your leadership practice. The more frequently you answer these components, the better results you will see.

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