5 Questions Every Successful Leader Asks

leadership development

The 5 Questions Every Successful Leader Asks and why these particular questions in order to grow, up-level, and move forward.

Q1 - What went right?

Q2 - What could have been better?

Q3 - What did you learn?

Q4 - How did you encourage or teach others?

Q5 - What key take-aways will you carry into the next planning cycle?

With each question, make some time today to grab a sheet of paper and a pen or open the notes app on your phone and voice all of your thoughts and responses to see what comes up.

When you use these five questions in your business reviews, they will help you to better understand where you’ve been, so you can move forward and achieve even more.

Pro tip: Schedule your business reviews into your planner or calendar and make this part of your leadership practice. The more frequently you answer these questions, the better results you will see.