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This fun conversation with my co-author and friend, Wayne Applewhite, is a wonderful way to celebrate the release of our audiobook! We narrated our book, You Know it’s a Verb, Right?, and it was a wonderful experience for us. In this chat, we talked about what it was like to narrate our book, how we planned and prepped, and how the imperfect recordings were handled for a seamless and engaging experience for our listeners.

Wayne Applewhite is a lifelong learner. His leadership practices started in high school as he witnessed firsthand that leadership was something more than what met the naked eye. Using his curious and ever asking observational notions, Wayne knew early on that leadership was more - much more - than being in charge by title only.

Wayne was co-founder of a leadership development firm, Just Leadership, LLC, and holds a Doctor of Management degree. He has an eclectic experience base that he brings to the community and to the nation at large. Wayne has over thirty-five years of diverse and challenging leadership experiences, coupled with a solid foundation of continuing education. In each of those leadership positions, Wayne continued to build his leadership skillset as he also pursued formal and informal education.

Most recently, he is the co-host of 27 Minutes with Sheila and Wayne!, a podcast focused on providing tips on being a better "you" while at work, play or life with a mission to change the world “One verb at a time!” Wayne’s latest book, You Know it’s a Verb, Right?, co-authored with Jennifer Milius, is about leadership.

However, if you ask him, his greatest joy and accomplishment, is being a husband and a dad


Book purchase link: You Know it's a Verb, Right?

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