Finding your way for your book with Daniella Rushton

The TufFish Show is for writers who want to get their first, next or current book out into the world, and this week we welcomed author Daniella Rushton!

Daniella and I talked about how she found her way to create her first book and series. We talked about how her faith guided her writing and creativity as well as how important it is to work with others to bring your book to life.

Our guest Daniella Marie Rushton is British, born 1973, wife to Nicholas and Mother to Bertie. Over the course of several summers whilst vacationing with her family, in the delightful desert sun of the Coachella valley, California, she formulated the concept of The Panther Tales.

Her son challenged her to channel her renowned imagination into writing a book series. The Panther Tales was born and The Watchers and The Gifted Ones is the first book of the series.

Living a thoroughly creative life, Daniella busies herself with not only the ongoing series of The Panther Tales, her dog Walter and her family and friends. She is also an advocate in the Christian faith, believing in oneself, finding and using ones ‘Gifts’ in life.

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