How co-authors play off of their strengths and embrace change with Hannah Bloom Books

The TufFish Show welcomes Johanna Halley and Janae Seabloom from Hannah Bloom books!

These childhood friends tag-teamed and brought their childhood dream of publishing a children's book, yet the original idea was put on hold to bring a second book into the world first. By playing off of each others' strengths and embracing change to switch gears, Johanna and Janae understood their debut book had a specific season and followed the flow. Johanna and Janae demonstrate the beauty and power when two talented individuals come together and co-author and market a book.

Johanna Halley and Janae Seabloom are childhood friends, preschool co-teachers, and moms doing life together. They draw from both their experience in the classroom and life at home. They hope to create picture books that both children and adults love, and encourage early readers and pre-readers to gain confidence in literacy.

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