Sharing cultural and childhood experiences through children's books with Vilayvanh Bender

The TufFish Show welcomes Vilayvanh Bender!

What started as a way to share her culture and childhood experiences with her children blossomed into a children's book that could reach more children. Vanh's efforts to write a book that helps to normalize different food was strengthened by working with a talented illustrator and incorporating feedback from beta readers. She offers great insights for why school visits are so valuable as well as ways to make them engaging for children.  

Vilayvanh Bender immigrated to America with her family as a young Vietnam War refugee. Entering the United States without speaking English, her first goal was to become fluent in this new language. Cultural preservation, acceptance and not giving up on one’s dreams is very important to Vilayvanh. She is also a private practice Registered Dietitian based in Corona, California working with children and families. Vilayvanh lives with her husband and two girls.

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