Writing non-fiction STEAM middle grade books with Jennifer Swanson

The TufFish Show welcomes Jennifer Swanson!

What a fun and fascinating conversation with Jennifer about writing STEAM middle grade books! Leveraging her background and passion for writing, Jennifer makes it her goal to ensure physics, engineering and math are fun and easy to understand. We talked in depth about blending what you know with what you like to write and what you can sell, which includes understanding your target reader and being willing to change point of view.

Science Rocks! And so do Jennifer Swanson’s books. She is the award-winning author of over 45 nonfiction books for children. Using her background in science and history that she received from the U.S. Naval Academy, and her M.S. in Education, Jennifer excels at taking complex facts and making them accessible, compelling, and humorous for young readers, Jennifer's passion for science resonates in in all her books but especially, Astronaut-Aquanaut: How Space Science and Sea Science Interact and Beastly Bionics which both received Florida Book Awards and NSTA BEST STEM book awards. Her Save the Crash-test Dummies book received an NSTA BEST STEM Award and a Parent’s Choice GOLD Award. Jennifer has been a featured speaker at the Tucson Book Festival, National NSTA conferences, the Highlights Foundation, the World Science Festival (twice), the Atlanta Science Festival (twice) and the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival in 2019. You can find Jennifer through her website www.JenniferSwansonBooks.com.

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