Refining your drafts with Meg Dendler

 The TufFish Show welcomes Meg Dendler!

The power of the draft is at the crux of this incredible conversation with Meg! Allowing space in between writing and editing, working with beta readers and critique groups, self-editing and working with your editor are all key elements that we talk through in depth to take your first draft and get it to the best version possible for publication. Meg also shares valuable insights for how to work through the editing process as well as tips for writing children's and sci-fi books.

Meg has been writing since the early 1990s and has over 100 articles published. She has won multiple awards for her Cats in the Mirror series about alien rescue cats, based on her own household of kooky felines. Her fairy tale book, Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess, won Best Juvenile Book of 2018 from the Oklahoma Writers' Federation. Meg's newest science fiction novel, The Tigran Chronicles, delves into how humans treat animals and tiger conservation. Meg also freelances as an editor and proofreader.


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