Power of emotions and writing with Debbie Monteggia

The TufFish Show welcomes Debbie Monteggia!

Debbie Monteggia is passionate about expressing her true voice through poetry. She hopes that by reading her poetry, others will be encouraged to find and listen to their own true voice.

Throughout her journey in life Debbie has recognized the depth, diversity and power of emotions. She understands how important it is to honor all emotions and not to suppress or ignore the more challenging or fearful ones. These emotions are the ones that will transition readers into their joy once they move through them. All of our experiences are necessary to get through our life lessons. This is how Tears of Change was born.

Her opening poem ‘Honor your Tears’ takes readers through the beauty of this conversion. Her poetry started from her tears of sadness and despair and moved her through writing about her tears of joy, grace and gratitude, and most of all, finding God’s love.

Debbie Monteggia lives in Mesa, AZ with her husband and two dogs. She works in the design industry as an interior designer. She enjoys bicycling, walking and playing pickleball. Debbie is very dedicated to giving back and will allocate a percentage of her book sales to a basic needs charity.

Debbie also sells individual poems from the book that can be overlaid over a favorite framed picture of a friend or family member. 

Visit: www.TearsofChangePoetry.com

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