How wireworking inspired a planner for creatives with Dianne Karg Baron

The TufFish Show is for writers who want to get their first, next or current book out into the world, and this week we welcomed the talented artist Dianne Karg Baron from the Tao of Wire!

Dianne's obsession with wire began over 25 years ago when she made a pendant out of a little piece of beach glass she found while walking near her home. Since then, she has bent, linked, twisted, woven, hammered, fused, crocheted and knitted her way through many kilograms of metal.

One thing you'll notice about Dianne right away is that she has an infectious passion about wire working, and pays meticulous attention to detail. She has written and published over 80 tutorials, courses and videos on wire working and chain making. Her most recent release is the RAW Design Challenge Plan(ner), which helps creatives like you set and track goals that are Realistic, Achievable and Work with your Life.

Her goal is to help make wire working accessible for you: whether you're a raw newbie, or have many years on the tools, there's something for everyone!

During our chat, Dianne shared that by following her creative journey, her business, wirework and planner all honor storytelling while linking her head to her heart and her hands. This path and process enabled the storyboarding process to bring her planner from a concept to life. 

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