Co-authoring a book with Dr. Wayne Applewhite

The TufFish Show is for writers who want to get their first, next or current book out into the world, and this week we welcomed friend and co-author Dr. Wayne Applewhite! During this chat, Wayne shared wisdom about co-authoring a book and taking the idea from conception all the way to a published book, including receiving rejection and criticism and how to bounce back.

Dr. Wayne Applewhite was a co-founder of a leadership development firm and holds a Doctor of Management. He has an eclectic experience base that he brings to the community and to the nation at large. Wayne has over thirty-five years of diverse and challenging leadership experiences, coupled with a solid foundation of continuing education. In each of those leadership positions, Wayne continued to build his leadership skillset as he also pursued formal and informal education.

Wayne taught Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the graduate level for over 12 years, helped develop leadership skillsets for many individuals and organizations around the nation, and hosted a podcast for a year and a half called Affect! through BlogTalkRadio (just to name a few of his accomplishments). The podcast was an intellectual incubator where guests and callers had the opportunity to exchange ideas, concepts, and thoughts in hopes of influencing and motivating others to action in a positive way; and as you can imagine, all of the topics were leadership related.

Wayne co-authored You Know it’s a Verb, Right? that is a new discussion with bold, yet simple and timeless concepts of leadership. Wayne is so excited about this new book on leadership and cannot wait to share it with you face-to-face, virtually, or any other creative way imaginable!

He also hosts a discussion group in Facebook to talk about leadership, and he would love to have you join. To learn more about Wayne, his new book and be part of the discussion, visit his website

With all that being said, if you ask Wayne, his greatest joy and accomplishments are being a husband and a dad!

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