Co-authoring a middle grade book with Rosie Russell

The TufFish Show is for writers who want to get their first, next or current book out into the world, and this week we welcomed author Rosie Russell!

This chat is full of goodness as Rosie shares the process she and her co-author went through to create their first book together, including setting up the business elements, storyboarding the concept, and the writing process itself. 

Rosie Russell is currently the author and illustrator of nine books for young readers. After studies in early childhood education, she taught in elementary and middle schools for fifteen years. She enjoys sharing her books with students and encouraging them to write and illustrate their own stories.

Rosie now writes and illustrates full time in her Kansas City, Missouri, hometown. As an avid reader, baseball fan and crafter, her greatest joy comes from spending time with family and friends.

Visit Rosie's website:

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