Using writing to work through change with Abbie Pierce

The TufFish Show is for writers who want to get their first, next or current book out into the world, and this week we welcomed Abbie Pierce!

During my chat with Abbie, we talked about the beauty of using fiction to share what you may be working through - to share how to go through change. Abbie talked about her writing process which includes how to structure a book, tips for self-editing, overcoming writer's block and the power of a community.

Abbie Pierce is an Author, Coach, Fire-Starter, an Ally, and is Always up to Something! Abbie says that people rationalize and don’t start their best work or quit when they encounter The Resistance. Through 1:1 personal coaching and mentoring, Abbie wants to help people make the creative change they seek. Being a veteran, she is for the crazy misfits who get a thrill out of winging it but want to turn pro. Abbie believes in building safe spaces for people to navigate the awkward moments of learning together, so that we can master the fear and practice the tenacity for sharing our creativity with the world.

It’s why Abbie also co-founded a veterans networking group, to help each other build our networks and create our opportunities. Abbie side gigs as an author of fiction novels and blogging at Evoenix:Edits, a weekly insight into the practice of leadership and helping others and honing your real skills.

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