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What's a Joylist and Do You Have One?

Self-care is a vital part of being a successful leader because in order for you to give your best to your business, organization, or team, you have to take care of yourself.

As a leader, it's so important to refill your own cup, yet it can be one of the last things we remember to do.

There are many ways to make yourself a priority, but one easy way take care of yourself is to experience things that bring you joy.

When you get that warmth inside or a feeling that you could do something for hours and it feels like a few minutes, your enthusiasm comes through. Your joy shines through!

So instead of a life bucket list, what’s on your joylist?

What are things that bring you joy on a daily basis?

Things that make you smile.

That light you up.

Do you take time to enjoy them?

For me, getting extra cuddles from my kitties and spending quality time with my hubby are at the top. Tasting a great piece of chocolate, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, spending time at the beach and listening to the ocean, reading a book I’ve been excited to read, and spending time at the table with family and friends are all on my joylist.

Those are activities that may seem small, but they are so fulfilling. They are activities that light me up on the inside, and that radiates on the outside.

So what are yours?

Can you identify 3 to 5 things that really make you feel like time stands still?

That you could do for hours and feel energized or peaceful because you spend the time doing them?

Write them down.

Start making time to do them today.

See how you feel.

When you take the time to really appreciate those people, animals, experiences, and things that bring you joy, that enthusiasm will come through in how you lead, and your business and those you serve will feel it.

As a leader, when you are taking care of yourself and refilling your cup, you are better able to take care of your business, your team, and your clients.

You will feel more at ease, even when things are frustrating, and your team or clients will feel more comfortable approaching you with difficult or frustration situations, because they will feel and appreciate your calm and steady presence and guidance.

You are able to make better decisions, including those that require ‘no’ or ‘not now’ as the answer.

And you trust those decisions because you trust yourself.

And your confidence will shine through.

Whatever you have on your joylist, make some time today – and the rest of this week – to get reacquainted with them and really appreciate them.

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