Habits of a Positive Leader - Comfort

To be a positive, strong and influential leader, you have to develop and strengthen a leadership practice that is authentic to you. Whether you’re running your own business or leading teams or projects in the corporate world, your leadership practice is built by consistently honing your skills, gifts, and abilities.

It’s a choice you make day in and day out, regardless of title. And to honor that choice to be the leader you know you’re meant to be will require changes from you.

Such as your habits.

Those little things that we do every day, and many times, on autopilot are important to change. Yet when your habits change, you’ll see the results and they will become your new norm. So, listen to this briefing for one habit you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine that shifts your mindset, so that you're continually learning, expanding and consistently developing as a positive, strong, and influential leader?

Although it takes longer than one week to make a new habit stick, you’re pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. As you shift your habits to align more with where you're going as a leader, you’ll see improvements in all areas of your organization or business.

Showing up as the confident leader you're meant to be is a transformation that starts on the inside
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