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How Confidence and Positive Thoughts Work Together

Let’s approach this by using an example about you being asked to give a presentation to a large group. It's a big speaking opportunity and your first one like this as a speaker.

With that in mind, what would your first thought be and what would you initially feel? Would you think that it’s a great opportunity and feel excited, even if you were a little nervous?

Or would you question why you were asked, especially if you don’t think you are good at public speaking? Would you feel unsure of yourself and worry about the speech and how it would go until it was over?

When an idea comes into our minds, we start to spend time considering that idea. We may spend a few seconds, a few hours, a few days or even longer with that idea.

That idea is the thought and how we feel about that idea shapes it into a positive or negative thought.

Although the thoughts and feelings stemmed from one idea – a neutral idea - of presenting to a large group, the feelings help to create the energy to fuel how you processed the idea.

So, if you thought this speaking gig would be a great opportunity and you continued to feel excited about it, then when was happening, you would be even more engaged and feel successful. Conversely, if you continued to focus your thoughts and feelings on not being good enough for the assignment, then it would come through in your preparation and delivery, no matter how much you practiced.

But what if you made a concerted effort to shift your focus when you started to worry from feeling uncertain to feeling like you were asked because you are the right person for the job and can do it? What if you shifted your thoughts toward success and believing you will do well? The more you make those shifts, the more you will increase your confidence and it will show.

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