At the Table with Jen

Sand crabs, patience and leadership

 Let's talk about making the best of where you are.

In fact, this episode was inspired by sand crabs. Yep - these little critters seem to dance along the sand as they scurry from one hole to the next. With as much fervor as they can muster, they kick sand out of the way to create new holes and when you look for them, it seems like all you can see are their eyes.

And that's if you paid attention to them.

What I've noticed about sand crabs is that they do not seem phased by the sand mounds they have to climb or if they have to wait in an existing hole for a seagull to pass.

They went with the flow and made the most of where they were.

They reminded me how important waiting is.

How important patience is.

Sometimes waiting where we are may be exactly where we need to be. That can be so frustrating when we don't like where we are or how things are going, but we need more information to make a decision. Or the timing may be off.

The duration and reason for waiting can affect our attitudes.

When the wait is longer than I'd like, I remind myself that things will work out, and I focus on what I can do that is productive and uplifting until I am able to make progress on that project or activity again.

As a leader, knowing when to wait and when to take action can be a challenging dance to learn. Especially when you feel pressure to make a decision or do something.

So if today's briefing is finding you at a place where you're waiting for something or someone and you know waiting is the right thing to do - just challenging you to have patience and wait, then allow this to be a reminder that you will know what to do and when to do it soon enough. The waiting you're doing is strengthening you, even when - actually especially when it's uncomfortable. You will come out better off because you were steadfast and trusting in yourself to wait.

Showing up as the confident business leader you're meant to be is a transformation that starts on the inside, and the first step is shifting your mindset, and I have a freebie to support you with that. It's called Leverage Your Full Potential and it's a micro-course experience to help you start recognizing the leader within, so you start seeing opportunities as possibilities and be open to them; trusting your decisions and not waste time second guessing what you decided, even if that decision was no; and even minimize overwhelm because you’ll have a focused direction.

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