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Working with virtual clients and teams

The technology we have is amazing because we can use it to bridge time zones and footprints. With that in mind, here are six quick tips to help step up your efforts when connecting and engaging with remote team members or clients:

#1 Video

When you're able to see the other person and engage as close to face to face without physically being in the same room, you'll get so much more out of the communication. You'll connect better and when you do meet in person, it will feel more comfortable because of the face to face chats you've already had.

#2 Share your screen

When you've got a document or web page to review, video can help here, too. Whether you share your screen during the face to face video or record a separate video going through the document or web page, you're able to connect your message more specifically and efficiently for the recipient.

#3 Access with instant messenger or voice messenger

This is the same idea as number one, but ideally it can supplement video, not take the place of video. It's a way to connect for quick things that are needed without email, when it makes sense. And if you're leveraging a tool that can provide a group functionality, then everyone can be on the same sheet of music.

#4 Understanding the vision and roles

This comes down to understanding the expectations - specifically what the end goal is (or the vision), why it's important and how each person fits into the overall picture. The clearer this is for each person, the more cohesive everyone involved will be moving forward.

#5 Tempo for connecting

When you're working toward an end goal and have remote or virtual work together, understanding and agreeing to the tempo for connecting is another part of understanding expectations. It helps to keep and maintain the flow of communication and creates a space of trust and credibility.

#6 Understanding times zones and relating work within

The beauty of working remote or virtually is the freedom and flexibility it offers. When you've got different time zones in the mix, that can create a challenge, but when you understand what work or efforts are needed to achieve the goal - whether you're working with a contractor for a specific project or a client and helping them to reach their goals - you're better able to adapt with time zone differences.

Bottom line

It really comes down to clear communication and building relationships. When you're focused on serving and view these ideas as helping you to serve those relationships - serve within your business in a better way - you'll see and feel your business shift and up level.

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