Einstein and Moo | Einstein and Moo Children's Book Series
Einstein and Moo Children's Book Series


Encourage your young readers to use their imaginations and embrace their uniqueness with an author visit 



Two black-and-white, brother and sister kitties who are playful, curious, friendly, and have many interesting adventures




"My son is a HUGE fan of the Einstein and Moo books. He was a bit older than the average reader, but met the author at a book signing and "had to have" her books. He is now 8 and still requests to read them at bedtime. We were recently at a store where feral cats were roaming outside, and he asked me to catch a kitten because it looked just like Moo. (I did not oblige him!) I've recently purchased signed copies of the Einstein & Moo series for my 3-6 year old nieces and nephews as stocking stuffers. These books are charming!"

-Beth, busy mom



"Jennifer Milius is a talented and inspiring motivational speaker and author. When she visited our school, she made time to speak and read to all Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade classrooms. She was enthusiastic and joyful with each and every class. She shared her writing process and her wonderful Einstein and Moo books with our students. Every student and teacher was so excited, enthusiastic, and motivated about reading and writing following Mrs. Milius’ presentation. A teacher came up to me afterwards to tell me she felt inspired to write that children’s book she had been brainstorming over the years. Also, a 1st grade student in my classroom felt so motivated and excited following her presentation that he wrote a book of his very own at home. The very next day, he brought an illustrated and “bound” (lovingly with tape and staples) book to school. The joy and confidence on his face while he shared was such a gift to witness. We thank Jennifer Milius so much for inspiring our young students and faculty – What a fantastic presentation!"

-Amanda Hunley, 1st Grade Teacher