What's in the way of sharing your story?


We all might be works in process, but your first, next or current book doesn’t have to be


Whether you're a writer or an aspiring author, you have a message – a story – you want to write, tell, and share. You’re creative and whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, writing and publishing your first, next or current book is something that deep in your heart you want to accomplish – it’s a dream you have.

And it might even feel like the scariest thing you’ll ever do.

And so many barriers can get in the way.

Your inner editor is more like a critic and constantly shows up every time you sit down to write, beating you up for what you did or didn’t write and questioning if anyone will want to read what you’ve created.

Or maybe your staring at a blank page wondering how to even get started, so that this amazing story or message you want to share gets out of your head and into a book to share with others.

Or perhaps it’s not the writing process that scares you as much as the business side of things. When these thoughts come, you procrastinate on the writing and second guess your abilities to handle the business side instead of trusting that you DO have what it takes.


So if you're asking yourself: Can I do this? Am I enough?



The simple answer is yes.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you’re enough - and just as YOU are!

We all might be works in process, but your first, next or current book doesn’t have to be. Writing and sharing your story is challenging and courageous to do, but it’s worth it and so are you.

So if you’re ready to get out of your own way, tell your story, write your book, and confidently share it, then take the first step and join TufFish.

Author Jennifer Milius

What's in the TufFish Membership?

Writing Space/Office Hours

Weekly writing space hosted by Jen is the perfect place for writing sprints to get your thoughts going with some co-working time mixed in to get to know other authors who understand and appreciate what YOU are doing

Curated Content

Carefully curated content to support your writing and business growth


Accountability for writing and working "on" your business


Aspiring author and busy mom


“After talking to Jen, I felt heard. I felt focused and calm about my path ahead. So much of the work I do is completely invisible, so it was amazing to be able to talk to someone and gain insights on these areas I have struggled with quietly and internally for so long. You were able to listen to what I was saying and construct a different narrative than the one I have been stuck telling myself. You put your finger on the problem I couldn't identify on my own. I've made the simple adjustments and feel energized about the path ahead.”

What's in a name? Why TufFish?


The TufFish name was inspired by a conversation with a fellow writer and friend for whom I served as a beta reader for several of her books. The first time she asked me to beta read, I jokingly replied that I would happily be her “fish” and would send her little nudges to “feed the fish” as I would finish chapters and be ready for more. During one of our chats, she told me that I was “one tough fish,” because I would offer specific solutions or creative input and gently push her to continue. This not only helped her storytelling but also improved her writing.

My intention was to help her create the best story possible so that she shined.
And it’s my intention with you too.

Each time you get "unstuck" by brainstorming a story plot for fiction or teasing out how to teach a concept for nonfiction, you feel excited for what’s possible and your writing flows even more. When you have a trusted advisor, sounding board and encourager as you write your book, you take the limits off yourself and create something even better than you thought possible because you were receptive to a reader with an editor’s eye and desire for you to be successful.  

Writing a book can feel extremely vulnerable, but it is worth doing if it’s in your heart to do. It means there’s someone else who wants to read what you write. I’ve continued to use “fish” as a term of endearment and would love for you to experience TufFish too.

So whether you need help with plot or character development, idea conceptualization for either fiction or nonfiction, or overcoming writer’s block/imposter syndrome, you have a trusted advisor and mentor as you write your book as well as navigate and lead your business.

Dianne Karg Baron

Studio Jeweller & Instructor, www.diannekargbaron.com

"Jen has been an invaluable second pair of eyes as I was preparing my manuscript. On the technical side, she offered copy editing suggestions and comments that helped the pages flow more effectively. She asked insightful questions, and through answering them, I was able to add bonus material that made the book feel even more complete and valuable. Most importantly, she took the time to get to know me, and to understand the philosophical impulse behind what I was writing and who I'm writing for. Her approach is warm and affirming - I came away from our session feeling even more excited about my project!"

"Thank you so much Jen!"

And if we haven't met before...

Hi, I'm Jen!

I love helping writers and aspiring authors get out of their own way to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books and confidently sharing them with others. The writing process can be tough and the business side can feel scary, but I help make both feel smoother and achievable.

Growing up, I was the kid who would submit an essay over taking a standardized test, if allowed the option; or I'd write papers with a dictionary nearby to find a word I did not know, learn it, and weave it into the paper I was doing at that moment. Since starting my business in 2014, I've published eight titles - one in non-fiction, and seven in the Einstein and Moo series, and been the developmental editor for five titles since 2020. 

One of my superpowers is helping you remove the barriers so that you are not only turning that idea into a book, but you're getting out there, sharing your published work, and owning your writing business with confidence! 

Join the pond!

We're all works in progress, but your first, current or next book doesn't have to be.

You were given the idea for your story, so that you could share it! 

Trust you have what it takes, and with the right support, you'll bring your dream to life!