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Featuring published authors from different genres and businesses, but with one thing in common –
they had a message or story they wanted to tell and courageously got out of their own way and made it happen

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"I feel the warm and inviting vibe of the show and it feels like a natural conversation rather than a forced one. It shows that Jen and the guest love what they are talking about, and I love that energy."

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Praise from guests for The TufFish Show!

Daniella Rushton, author of The Panther Tales

“When the first book of The Panther Tales was published in 2020, to generate awareness I approached a number of podcasts that had either been recommended to me, or I heard about from other authors. Jennifer Milius's TufFish was one of them.

It is very important to me that I participate in what I call, 'safe' podcasts for me, and my work, The Panther Tales trilogy. As a host, Jennifer created this safe place, made me feel comfortable and was able to bring out the best in me. Jennifer is Gifted in finding the light and sharing it to help others. By talking and sharing with one another we learn. The experience enlightened me and I believe, progressed by path.

Thank You Jen. Keep shining bright.”

Valerie James Abbott, author of Papadillo

“As a first-time author, I didn't have a lot of experience with podcasts or interviews. I wasn't sure what to expect when my publicist connected me with Jennifer Milius at The TufFish Show, but within the first few minutes of my time with Jen I felt as if we were old friends. She had such a genuine interest in my book, my creative process, my marketing plan, and my plans for the future. Now that I have a few more interviews under my belt I can say my podcast interview with Jennifer was by far the most enjoyable. Any author who has the chance to participate with Jen and The TufFish Show will be thrilled with the experience and the outcome.“

"It comes across as a very calm and intentional place where authors can discuss their work in greater depth. And I like the use of video in support of the audio. I can feel more connected to the host and guest in this way."