In the corporate world, no one tells you how to lead, much less how to be a good or great leader.


You’re left to figure it out, and in most cases, with minimal support.


And when the word management is freely interchanged with the word leadership, it can be confusing what leadership really is and how to lead.


Leadership is more than a title or being visible

So often, people are put in charge of others because of their technical expertise, yet many find they are not prepared to lead.

It can be very difficult for individuals to go from being the subject matter expert to becoming the leader. Many people fail before they realize that to be a good leader takes time, consistency, practice, and a different set of skills.

So if you believe there's more to leadership than meets the eye - you're right! 

You Know it’s a Verb, Right? demonstrates how leadership must become a verb and positively develop individuals across the leadership spectrum who believe there is more to leadership than meets the eye.



And if we haven't met before...

Hi, I'm Jen!

I was in the corporate world for 20 years before starting my business, and when I wrote my first three Einstein and Moo stories. During that time, a big part of my path was leading high visibility programs and advising senior leadership for those programs while ensuring all levels of the company were considered and engaged. Alongside those duties, I informally coached and mentored individuals in their own careers to enjoy more meaningful work and increased leadership responsibilities. That's part of what led me to start my business.

One of my superpowers is helping you remove the barriers so that you are not only turning that idea into a book, but you're getting out there, sharing your published work, and owning your writing business with confidence! 

If you're ready to step up your leadership practice,

then this book needs to be part of your toolkit!


Using everyday language, You Know it’s a Verb, Right? is a roadmap with real-life examples that helps you bridge the gap between your technical skills and the leadership skills required to successfully guide individuals, teams, and organizations.

You will embark on a practice that demonstrates that leadership does not happen because you sat in a semester class or because you are a pioneer in your field - it happens because you prepare for it.


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Wayne Applewhite and Jennifer Milius


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