Are You A Priority?

leadership development
At the Table with Jen

As you lead your organization or business, time becomes a resource that you might feel you don’t ever really have enough of.

There’s always something that needs to be done. Something that requires your attention for the vision to move forward.

Just as some tasks or projects are completed, new ones are added to the list. It can be all too easy to not take a break because it feels like there’s much more to do. And even when you are passionate about what you do, you can still reach a point where taking time out for you would serve you more than continuing to tackle your growing to do list.

When those points come, do you take the break, leave the office or computer and really let your mind rest or is your mind still at work?

What if I told you that the break would do you more good?

What if I said that taking care of yourself needs to be on your priority list and not only when you are reach that breaking point?

It might seem selfish when there’s so much to do and people counting on you. And if what you are working on is directly affecting revenue or client commitments, it might feel scary to take time for yourself.

But here's the thing, if you're feeling maxed out, stressed, and overwhelmed, then what you're working on isn't really getting your best.

It’s getting what you can put forth at that time, which might be 10%. Yet if you took a break or carved out some time that helps you feel restored, you will feel more productive, clearer minded and solution oriented when you return to your desk.

When was the last break or time for yourself that you took and let work stay at work until you returned?

My guess is that it’s been too long, so make a commitment to you today to take some time for yourself.