Encourage your kids

through a school visit with

Jen Milius

Why an author visit with Jen?

Speaking with over 5,000 elementary school students in the past couple of years, I have witnessed firsthand the joy and enthusiasm children have when they can see what’s possible and realize that someone other than their parents and teachers told them that they matter and can do great things. Whether it’s the idea that they can have a business, write a book, illustrate a book, or do something that they dream of doing, a school visit helps to show the writing process and inspire creativity and possibility, but even more importantly, it bolsters the child’s esteem.



What happens at an author visit?

Assemblies for grade levels PK-5 are 30 to 45 minutes and include:


Talking with students about finding their own voice – ‘Why fit in, when you can stand out?’


Sharing my writing process, the story behind the books, along with pictures of the real life Einstein and Moo


Reading up to two of my published books based on the adventures of my real life kitties, Einstein and Moo

Pioneer Elementary School Author Visit with Jennifer Milius

Let's see what's possible!

Contact me with your school name, desired dates, and let's see what's possible!


"Your presentation was amazing.”

"Your presentation was amazing. You knew just how to engage the students by having them make connections before reading, grab their attention by using your management technique (I say “Einstein”, you say “Moo), and make them giggle (with the adorable pictures of the real Einstein and Moo)!…All of my students adore the sweet way you write about your cherished and animated cats. The individual personalities of each kitty shine throughout the book(s). My students are currently learning about characterization and your books lend themselves perfectly to my teaching."

With sincere adoration,

Heather Waild
1st Grade Teacher + Chesapeake Reading Council, Past President

“You have inspired a generation of writers."

"You handled the eleven classes of students with sincere care and professionalism. We feel that it is our great fortune to have such a fantastic author visit our school. The children listened attentively to your words of encouragement and sat wide-eyed as you read from your Einstein and Moo series….We all love the way that you use rhyme to describe the adventures of Einstein and Moo. Listening to you read about those thrill-seeking kitties is endearing and fun for students of all ages. Your visit will not easily be forgotten. You have inspired a generation of writers."

With deep gratitude,

Nikki Martel
School Librarian

"a warm, personable, and very engaging speaker"

“On January 31, 2017, Jennifer Milius visited Court Street Academy, a small private school in Portsmouth, Virginia, where she gave a presentation to grades K3 through 2nd. The children were delighted to hear all about the author's kitties, Einstein and Moo. Ms. Milius is a warm, personable, and very engaging speaker, and the children adored her. Besides reading them two of her books and showing slides and videos of the real-life Einstein and Moo, she also allowed plenty of time for questions from her eager young audience.
As the librarian at Court Street Academy, I am all about anything that will spark children's interest in books and help them to develop an eagerness for and love of reading. Having Ms. Milius come and give such a wonderful presentation certainly did just that! By the next afternoon, every Einstein and Moo book had been checked out by young readers whose enthusiasm for reading had been given a boost due to the opportunity to meet a genuine author who interacted so well with them.”

Jeannie Barrow

Court Street Academy librarian

Let's see what's possible!

Contact me with your school name, desired dates, and let's see what's possible!

Court Street Academy Author Visit with Jennifer Milius

What a fantastic presentation!

"Jennifer Milius is a talented and inspiring motivational speaker and author. When she visited our school, she made time to speak and read to all Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade classrooms. She was enthusiastic and joyful with each and every class. She shared her writing process (brainstorm through publishing) and her wonderful Einstein and Moo books with our students. Each child was also excited to learn that she gave copies of her books to our school library and that they would receive their very own Einstein and Moo bookmarks. Every student and teacher was so excited, enthusiastic, and motivated about reading and writing following Mrs. Milius' presentation. A teacher came up to me afterwards to tell me she felt inspired to write that children's book she had been brainstorming over the years. Also, a 1st grade student in my classroom felt so motivated and excited following her presentation that he wrote a book of his very own at home. The very next day, he brought an illustrated and "bound" (lovingly with tape and staples) book to school. The joy and confidence on his face while he shared was such a gift to witness. We thank Jennifer Milius so much for inspiring our young students and faculty - What a fantastic presentation!"

Amanda Hunley 1st grade teacher