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Point of View and Leadership

When you think of point of view or POV as it relates to a book, it’s the perspective of the character and how the story is told. Are you coming from the main character’s vantage point or more of an observer and not knowing what’s happening with their inner thoughts?

Same can be said for leadership and driving your overall vision forward.

Just take a moment and think about where you are in your organization or business….. are you in the weeds? Are you really heavily in the details? Or are you at the 10,000 or 100,000 foot view?

Changing your point of view can help you see progress from a different perspective.

It can help you determine what changes are needed.

Each vantage point gives you a different perspective, and each one helps you to change your point of view.

When you run into a challenge, do you typically view them as a problem or opportunities to do something different?

Sometimes shifting your point of view makes it easier or even quicker to find a solution.

Or let's say you’re working with a team, and you’re not seeing eye to eye, do you remain open to hearing the opposing point of view or it is more of a “I’m the boss and it’s gonna be my way?”

Sometimes I get that may really be what’s necessary, but if you go back to the reason you hired for different talents and strengths, you’ll find that those are the very things that your team are leveraging when they are presenting something different to you for consideration.

So, as you look at your organization or business, where can you change your point of view?

What can you glean from it?

Are changes needed to advance the business, vision and team forward? Or did the different perspective – point of view – add more validation to what was already going on?

Changing the perspective doesn’t mean something actually has to change as a result of considering another vantage point. It means that you’re open to possibilities and opening the aperture.

That openness will help you to grow as a leader and enable you to strengthen and grow your organization or business.

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