Who do YOU need to be for your clients?

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At the Table with Jen

Your clients and customers come to you for a reason.

They want a solution - whether it's to purchase the perfect gift for someone that you've created or a personal and deeper transformation that they want to experience so that they grow. They see your business as part of that solution, which means that the more you can grow in your business, the better you'll be able to serve your clients and the more rewarding it will be for both of you.

Here are some thoughts that resonated with me when I thought who I am for my clients:

  • A safe space for clients to talk, be vulnerable, and supported
  • A welcoming hostess
  • A trusted advisor
  • Modeling a strong, positive, heart-centered leader while showing that I'm not perfect which exudes confidence in myself, my decisions, my abilities
  • Encouraging
  • Willing to hold them accountable
  • Willing to hold them as the amazing, strong, positive, heart-centered leader I know they are capable of being even when they can't see it or feel it
  • Willing to ask them difficult questions with kindness, empathy and compassion so that they can push past what's holding them back and move forward

So who do you need to become for your clients?

What came through for you as you heard this?

Even if you're rocking in your role and already "being" for your clients, how could you step it up? Take some time today and not only jot down what came through for you, but take it a step further, and take action with one thing you can do today to shift more in that direction.