Why CONFIDENCE is so Important to Leadership

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At the Table with Jen

To show up as the confident business leader you're meant to be, you need to share your strengths and stay true to your vision and values and that's where confidence kicks in.

The more confidence you have, the more you will:

    • Know what your strengths are and be willing to put yourself out there and share them over and over again
    • Push yourself to desire a big vision and realize you're fully capable of making it happen and with confidence you declare it as yours
    • Trust you can turn that vision into reality by creating an actionable and achievable plan to get there
    • Make decisions that need to be made and execute them, especially difficult ones, without second guessing
    • Know and trust what to say yes to and what to intentionally say no to
    • Communicate effectively what the vision is and work with others to help them know what it is, why it's important and how they fit, so that they are able to buy into the vision because they're buying into you
    • Develop and grow your group from high performing individuals into a high performing team because they understand not only the vision and what's needed, but also their roles and responsibilities and how to support each other and you
    • Identify when change is needed and be willing to take the necessary actions to go through that change.
    • Trust in yourself and in your abilities, even when change is difficult, because you have the fortitude to overcome any challenges that will occur

And even if you're typically a confident person, when you're leveling up to a new role, greater responsibility, or higher visibility, there's a good chance that fear can creep in and cause overwhelm and doubt to rise. Perhaps cause you to question if you've got what it takes.

Remember that this new level is presenting itself to you because you can, but it will require you to let go of things that aren't serving you and move into a new level of thinking and way of being.