Dare to be Different

Let me start by saying that I think it’s absolutely amazing how we are all uniquely and wonderfully made. That there's only one of you, one of me. Yet how many times have you felt unsure about yourself and letting yourself be seen for who you are?

Getting visible?

Putting yourself out there?

Let yourself be seen and heard?

As the incredibly talented leader you are, being yourself and daring to be different is exactly what’s needed to lead your best life and to lead in your organization or business.

When you are being true to yourself, leveraging your strengths, following your vision and speaking authentically – you are creating your brand and your tribe will resonate with that and want to be in your world. That’s how you differentiate yourself from another business.

And if you're in the corporate world, you are still creating your personal brand and that is what will enable you to be part of and lead high-visibility projects. And that will also extend to people wanting to be on your team because you'll be respected and trusted as an excellent leader. 

That's daring to be different.

During my 20-year corporate career, I attended a lot of meetings. I watched as people were particular about where they sat, what they said, even how they said it. It seemed the people who sat at the table had something to say and were confident in saying it.

They were willing to be different.

And they WANTED to be SEEN.

The people who sat on the peripheral of the room may have sat there because they arrived late to a popular, overcrowded meeting.

But some sat along the wall intentionally. And all seemed to speak up only when someone from the table reached out to them first.

So where do you sit?

Why do you sit there?

Do you speak up and confidently offer your perspective or do you wait for permission?

But here’s the thing…. If it’s worth your time to go, then actively be present and sit at the table. Daring to put yourself out there and daring to be different.

When you shy away from networking events that will help bring visibility and new opportunities to your business because you’re afraid to be seen – to stand out – consider why you are in business to begin with.

Remember that you are infinitely and wonderfully made, which means you have the gifts you need for that moment to put yourself out there. To be you and dare to be different.

The more you get out of your own way, the more you’ll show up, be comfortable – even excited – to be seen and have so much confidence in the value that you’re bringing. Your clients and your team want more of you, and they only get that when you dare to be different and show up fully and allow yourself to be visible. Your organization and business thrives as you embrace your leadership role and leverage your untapped potential.

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