How to find your successful decisions

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At the Table with Jen

When we’ve made decisions that didn’t work out, it can start to chip away at our confidence. When that happens, you start to doubt your abilities and instincts and spend more time second guessing new decisions versus making them confidently and moving forward with clear action.

Take out a piece of paper and spend 15 minutes max to write down the times you made decisions that resulted in successful outcomes.

Write down how you felt before you made that decision and after.

Did you feel a deep knowing on the inside that this decision was right for you?

Did you feel excited because you KNEW it was right and you were so full of joy that you were proud of yourself?

Did you feel a sense of peace when making that decision? Or after? Even when the decision you made caused you to step out of your comfort zone? Or when you were saying no?

Sometimes it’s easier to see the successful decisions when you feel excited or good about them, but those decisions where you said no and stood up for yourself or stepped out of your comfort zone are just as important to recognize and trust. Many times we can doubt those because the idea of saying no doesn’t lend itself to feel successful, but it is.

If you’d like to share a successful decision you’ve made with me, please do. I want to hear about it.

As you look at your list, can you see a consistent theme? Something you did or felt in each situation that can help you identify even more decisions that were successful?

When you are honoring your time, your energy, your value, then you are honoring you. That comes through in how you lead your organization or business. Your team and your clients will see that confidence in you and you’ll build credibility and trust with them. That confidence will not only help them to build a stronger foundation with you, but also with those who they engage with. Their team and their clients. It's a ripple effect that started with you.