Are you DILUTING your vision?

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At the Table with Jen

How do you know if you're diluting your vision?

he first step is to get clear on what your vision for yourself, your business or organization, your life is.

Whatever that is.

What do you want to feel, do, achieve, or be?

Where do you want your organization or business to be at the end of the year? In a year from now? In 5 years from now?

Whatever your vision is, you must stay true to it for your vision to happen

Not watering it down because it feels overwhelming.

Not downsizing or downplaying it because it’s so big it’s uncomfortable.

Not playing small because it’s easier than digging deeper to do the work necessary to move you forward to a new level of leadership and closer to your vision for your organization or business.

With that being said, here are four statements to ask yourself, and if you answer “Yes” to any of them, then you are diluting your vision.

  1. If you’re figuring out a way – intentionally or unintentionally - to water down or minimize your original vision such that you’re scaling your efforts back to something that’s easier to achieve – or not as challenging to achieve, then you’re diluting your vision.
  2. If you’re not pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and instead be complacent or find excuses that keep you stagnate.
  3. If you’re scared of what others might say or think because they don’t understand, so you downplay it.
  4. If you’re allowing too much noise to get on the inside and allowing that to cause you to back pedal on what you want to achieve to what you only think you can make happen.

So if you've realized that you are diluting your vision, then take a moment and be proud of yourself because that took courage.

From there, determine where you need support and take a step in that direction to get back on course. For instance: 

  • Do you need to break down your vision into more manageable, executable and achievable chunks because it was too big to feel real progress?
  • Do you need to own your role as a leader and not worry about title or position, and put yourself out there and allow yourself to be seen?
  • Do you need to speak up more in meetings to provide clearer direction or have more challenging conversations with other departments in your organization to help them engage and support?

Once you decide what action you can take, be courageous and boldly take that next step.

Your vision is worth it, and it was given to you because you are the right person to bring it to life.