Dealing with imposter syndrome and second book syndrome with Lainey Cameron

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The TufFish Show is for writers who want to get their first, next or current book out into the world, and this week we welcomed Lainey Cameron!

Lainey shared one wisdom bomb after another as we talked about imposter syndrome, second book syndrome, and the importance of staying open to all paths for publishing. 

Lainey Cameron is a digital nomad and author of women’s fiction. A recovering tech industry executive, her 11-time award-winning novel, The Exit Strategy, was inspired by a decade of being the only woman in the corporate boardroom.

It’s been called a “rallying call for women to believe in themselves and join together” and tells the story of a Silicon Valley investor who first meets her husband’s mistress across the negotiating table.

A digital nomad—meaning she picks locations around the world to live (and write) for months at a time—Lainey is an avid instagrammer. She’s the founder and host of The Best of Women’s Fiction podcast, proud member and volunteer with Women’s Fiction Writers Association, believes community makes the author's life worthwhile, and is on a mission to obliterate the term aspiring writer.

Originally from Scotland, Lainey has a soft spot for kilts and good malt whisky.