Get Curious

 When I think of curiosity – I’m looking at it as someone who likes to learn. Someone who actively wants to find out more because they want to grow.

Deepen their practice

Deepen their knowledge

Try something new

As a leader – being curious is a big part of trying out new ideas. You are curious about what will happen. If something doesn’t pan out well, you’re curious as to why and trying something else to see if that creates success.

Being curious is about growth and learning

The inspiration for this post came from an experience when I was traveling home from Boston.

On the first leg of the return flight, I had a wonderful quick chat with a flight attendant. What stood out with this trip was how he engaged with those in first class. He specifically greeted each of them by name, then asked what they wanted to drink.

As I observed from my seat, it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, until I heard what he said. The fact that he greeted each person by name showed me that he wanted to go the extra mile. A way of stepping up their experience.

I call that surprising and delighting his customers.

Why does this fit into being a curious leader?

Sometimes we learn because of a podcast or book. Or a program or course.

Sometimes we learn just because we notice something around us and it makes us think about it a bit deeper.

That deeper dive – even for a moment – is your curiosity kicking in.

As an engaged leader, I encourage you to get curious about your strengths, your abilities if you don’t already know them. And if you do, get curious as to how you can hone them even further. If you have a team, do this with each member.

Get curious about how you step up to a new level in your business or organization and take the necessary steps and actions to move there.

And something to point out is that even when we’re uncomfortable where we are, it’s that curiosity that helps us seek out what we need to and find the courage to take action to make a shift to get back on track.

So how curious are you?

What’s something you can learn more about to deepen your leadership practice?

What’s something you can learn more about to grow your team, grow your organization or business?

There's only one YOU

Your vision, your idea, your course, your book, your service is important to be shared, and YOU have to own your role as a LEADER, let your light shine and share it.

And that can feel exciting, daunting, scary and rewarding all at once.

But if you know in your heart there's more you have to offer and you're ready to stop holding yourself back, then take the first step and start Leveraging Your Full Potential.

You're worth immediate action.


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