The ONE Activity to do Everyday

leadership development
At the Table with Jen

 Whether you are new to your position or have been there for some time, there’s one activity you can do each day to make sure you are ready for the next opportunity.

This activity is applicable if you are an individual contributor or in some level of management.

It's one that may seem easy to do.

In fact, it may seem logical, yet it can be difficult to do on a daily, genuine, consistent basis.

Do you know what that is?

It's doing the best you can with the job you currently have.

This means putting your best foot forward to the assignment at hand or making sure you are prepared for the meetings you need to attend.

It means you aren't asking your boss every chance you get when you will move to the next level, but you are open to taking on new projects and opportunities if they present themselves.

It means you’re learning all you can for the responsibilities you currently have, so that you are able to do your job to the best of your ability.

It means you’re supporting your team and supervisor with a good attitude, even if the role or company isn’t where you’d really like to be. You’re focused on serving others and producing great results.

And even if you’re unhappy in your current role and making an effort to change jobs or companies, while you are at work, put forth the effort to do your best when you are there.

By focusing on the present job and doing all you can to learn and grow in it, you are creating new opportunities for the future and showing that you can be trusted, even when things aren’t ideal for you.

By doing your best at work every day, you demonstrate respect, trustworthiness, and integrity.