The One Thing That Will Stop Your Vision in its Tracks

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At the Table with Jen

It’s the start of another day and you’re thinking about what needs to happen to turn your vision into a reality.

You check out your plan and the specific tasks for today, and you get started.

You feel like you are making progress and after a while, you decide to take a break.

So, you check out the latest post from one of your favorite go-to resources or listen to a podcast that talks about the latest tips to do A, B and C so that your business or team will be able to do X, Y, and Z.

And they make it sound so easy, like it was nothing for them to figure out what was needed to discover some incredible results.

Or maybe you take a few minutes and scroll through your social media feed to find some inspiration. Yet what you notice are how many likes and shares or comments that post has.

And your recent post has none.

Maybe the first few distractions are welcomed and inspiring, and you are encouraged to keep going on your journey. But slowly they start to get to you.

You feel discouraged by the success you see and start to feel stuck because you’re keenly aware that you aren’t where you’d like to be and question if you’ve got what it takes or if you’ll ever get there.

Before you get too far down that rabbit hole and hang out in the world of overthinking and doubt,

take a minute and realize what’s happening.

You are comparing your journey, your current state, or your approach to someone else and letting doubt and fear hang out in the front passenger seat and navigate while you try to drive.

Although doubt and fear can help you stay safe and minimize risk, they can also undermine your confidence, if you hang out too long with them.

Remember that your journey, your vision is your race. No one else can complete it for you. The things that worked for someone else may not work for you, and that’s ok. As you think about the leaders that are farther along than you, remember that you don’t know of all the trial and error they experienced to get to the point that they can talk about those tweaks that did work. You’re only seeing a part of what they achieved or what they are doing to reach their vision.

It’s kinda like an iceberg. We only see the pointy part above water, not all the stuff underneath to enable it to reach the surface.

Knowing you, you are excited for them and their success. Happy to learn from them as they share their wealth of knowledge. I love that about you because we are kindred spirits and are happy to see and celebrate others’ successes.

Just remember you have something to celebrate too – you are further along in your journey to achieve your vision than you were a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, even a day ago. Comparing your progress to someone else will only tear at the progress you have made because it’s almost like saying if it not at this point, it’s not worth celebrating.

But it is.

Trust you are where you are supposed to be and learning what you need to. Trust that you have what it takes to lead your business or team to bring that vision to reality. Push doubt and fear to the backseat and stay focused on doing what you need to do each day. Each step forward really is progress, even if it feels like it’s not.