How to stay on track with your goals

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At the Table with Jen

 You’ve brainstormed and dreamed about new goals and new opportunities you want to achieve.

You’ve written them down and created a plan that you can’t wait to start.

Then slowly but surely, life starts to get in the way.

The actions you mapped out on your plan seem to be getting pushed out versus getting done. The momentum you had for making your goals happen has dwindled. Your schedule that was once one of your favorite tools has become a reminder that you are not doing everything you set out to do.

So what do you do?

It can be easy to beat ourselves up for what we haven’t gotten done or getting off track, but that won’t help. It will only add to the frustration, not make it better.

Instead, consider these seven tips to get back on track:

  1. Take some time to regroup and assess where you are
  2. Recognize what was done. Remember - you did accomplish some things, even if they weren’t all of the items you initially thought were going to happen.
  3. Identify the five most important things that need to be done and by when
  4. Remove any steps that weren’t done, but may not be needed now
  5. Determine if there are any steps that can be delegated and ask for help
  6. Be sure to break down any steps that are too big into smaller, more manageable actions
  7. Ask yourself if this revised plan is really doable or is it overloaded with too many items or filled with unrealistic due dates. If you have some doubts, then make a few more adjustments.

The key is to not give up on the goal or vision just because you got off track. Many times we map out a clean, straight path, but it is rare that things go exactly as we thought when we were just getting started. By taking consistent action, staying focused on what is important, asking for help, and being willing to make adjustments to the plan, you will succeed.