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Fully leverage your gifts

What your gifts are – those things that really make you YOU – the more positive impact you can make for your team, organization or business.

And you may not be really clear what they are, but you look at your experiences, why people come to you and for what reason, what lights you up and what feels effortless and time goes so quickly, you’ll see breadcrumbs to help you identify them.

I remember being in the corporate world and working with my VP for a new recognition program. It needed to have a different approach and feel than anything done before. She gave me her vision in a few words, and I took that back and developed the concept, branding, process, and budget for it. When we regrouped, she said – you see the vision, and with a few parameters, create a viable product and deployment plan. That was one of my breadcrumbs.

As you are clear on your gifts and working from them, determine how you can take it a step further and enable your team or clients to do the same. When you know what a team member’s strengths are and can assign work to them that’s in alignment, you’ll see an increase in engagement and more productivity, just because they are working from their gifts. Your clients will thrive. And when everyone you’re working with is doing that, you’re collectively moving forward and creating more of a positive impact.

Your team is doing that for your organization.

Your clients are doing that for their organizations or businesses.

This permeates into their personal lives, just as it does yours.

Part of leadership is removing barriers, and you getting clear on your zone of genius is you taking action to remove your own barriers and to show up and share your gifts.

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