What they said about Jen

What they said about Jen

"Jennifer has great leadership insights and has inspired me to keep working on my goals by providing me with actionable strategies and support. She is a compassionate leader with an amazing heart for helping women step into who they were created to be. I'm very honored we've crossed paths!"

- Lina A.

Advice on leadership...

"Jennifer is wonderful person to talk to about for advice on leadership, management, writing, and things such as marketing and branding. She is an empathetic listener in that she has experiences that reinforce advice and recommendations, and she has a wonderful disposition that is captivating; makes you want to listen to her. I find her to be a passionate individual when it comes to writing and speaking and always has a positive and constructive message to tell."

Lew Steinhoff, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor, Office of Systems Engineering & Integration
National Nuclear Security Administration

"Before working with Jen on my most recent book, I was feeling overwhelmed by trying to “do it right.” I'd not ever done a book with other authors and so I knew I didn't even know what I didn't know and thankfully Jen was right there at the exact moment that I needed her most. She was beyond professional and exactly as I expected - knew when to push, when to ask, when to prompt, ... she was the book's fairy godmother with magical pixie dust. If you have a book inside you and know without a doubt it's there, then I highly recommend working with Jen to make the experience beyond incredible and achieve an end-result that you are so entirely proud of."

- Tamsen Horton, Founder and CEO of PBK/ Author of Open for Business

"Your presentation was amazing..."

"Your presentation was amazing. You knew just how to engage the students by having them make connections before reading, grab their attention by using your management technique (I say “Einstein”, you say “Moo), and make them giggle (with the adorable pictures of the real Einstein and Moo)!…All of my students adore the sweet way you write about your cherished and animated cats. The individual personalities of each kitty shine throughout the book(s). My students are currently learning about characterization and your books lend themselves perfectly to my teaching."

With sincere adoration,

Heather Waild

1st Grade Teacher + Chesapeake Reading Council, Past President

"Jen was very honest about her feedback, but did it in a way that made me feel comfortable about receiving her opinions. She was also very compassionate and genuinely cared about my journey. I have much more confidence in my ability to showcase my abilities."

- Ti'Asha J. 

"You're an empathetic listener who enthusiastically synthesizes issues, helps clients find solutions."

- Professional author

"Working with Jen is great; she delivers her points gently and with logic and examples to help you see what may be unclear or lacking." 

- Busy professional

"You are super committed, encouraging and see the potentiality in others!

Thank you Jen! You're a gem!" 

"After talking to Jen, I felt heard. I felt focused and calm about my path ahead. So much of the work I do is completely invisible, so it was amazing to be able to talk to someone and gain insights. You were able to listen to what I was saying and construct a different narrative than the one I have been stuck telling myself. You put your finger on the problem I couldn't identify on my own."

- Busy Mom and Aspiring Author

"She was the book's fairy godmother with magical pixie dust."

"Editing is not easy...it's important to find the person who both supports you but also motivates you and hold you to creating the best product possible, on time! Thanks so much for being my trusted guide in this scary journey!"

- Developmental editing client

"Warm, personable, and very engaging speaker.." 

"On January 31, 2017, Jennifer Milius visited Court Street Academy, a small private school in Portsmouth, Virginia, where she gave a presentation to grades K3 through 2nd. The children were delighted to hear all about the author's kitties, Einstein and Moo. Ms. Milius is a warm, personable, and very engaging speaker, and the children adored her. Besides reading them two of her books and showing slides and videos of the real-life Einstein and Moo, she also allowed plenty of time for questions from her eager young audience.

As the librarian at Court Street Academy, I am all about anything that will spark children's interest in books and help them to develop an eagerness for and love of reading. Having Ms. Milius come and give such a wonderful presentation certainly did just that! By the next afternoon, every Einstein and Moo book had been checked out by young readers whose enthusiasm for reading had been given a boost due to the opportunity to meet a genuine author who interacted so well with them."

- Jeannie Barrow, Court Street Academy librarian

“It’s true what they that ‘it takes a village,’ and I’m so grateful that Jen is part of mine. Over the years, as a beta reader and then as a brainstorming partner and developmental editor, Jen’s work has added so much value to my writing and taking the character development to new levels. She is amazing at helping me get out of my head when I feel stuck and has an incredible ability to point out exactly what the story is missing, or how the audience will perceive certain things.”


- Daniele Lanzarotta, author of The Sinners series, Lost Souls series, and Life Interrupted

"Awesome speaker"


"You are an awesome speaker. I truly enjoyed your presentation, and your books are adorable. You gave me a sense of confidence that I can do this by taking achievable steps to reach my vision, by mapping out my goal."