What they said about Jen

It makes my heart happy to do what I love by spending time talking about my favorite topics and engaging with some wonderful people. It’s fun, joyful, and doesn’t feel like work at all!
In case you’re wondering what they said….

"She is an empathetic listener in that she has experiences that reinforce advice and recommendations."

"...If you want to improve your business, improve your organization and/or you want to improve yourself; if you want, not only higher productivity but higher morale to go along with it, if you want to know, not only what to do, but the how and the why of doing it, then you want Jennifer Milius on your team, regardless of its size."

Doug Huggins, CTT, CPLP
Published Author of Thirteen Souls and The Gavel

Advice on leadership...

Jennifer is wonderful person to talk to about for advice on leadership, management, writing, and things such as marketing and branding. She is an empathetic listener in that she has experiences that reinforce advice and recommendations, and she has a wonderful disposition that is captivating; makes you want to listen to her. I find her to be a passionate individual when it comes to writing and speaking and always has a positive and constructive message to tell.

Lew Steinhoff, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor, Office of Systems Engineering & Integration
National Nuclear Security Administration

"My client base has grown and I now have the confidence to work further in building my business."

"I highly recommend Jennifer Milius. After six months of working with her At The Table 1:1 Program I was able to set clear goals and define the steps to reach those goals. My client base has grown and I now have the confidence to work further in building my business. She is personable, attentive to every aspect of your goals and helps you build a road map to success. Thank you Jen for your excellent service! If you are a solopreneur, small business owner or big business owner looking for Leadership Coaching or a speaker to encourage your team, go with Jennifer Milius."

Meredith Hancock
Art Director/Owner, Hancock Media

"Your presentation was amazing..."

"Your presentation was amazing. You knew just how to engage the students by having them make connections before reading, grab their attention by using your management technique (I say “Einstein”, you say “Moo), and make them giggle (with the adorable pictures of the real Einstein and Moo)!…All of my students adore the sweet way you write about your cherished and animated cats. The individual personalities of each kitty shine throughout the book(s). My students are currently learning about characterization and your books lend themselves perfectly to my teaching."

With sincere adoration,

Heather Waild

1st Grade Teacher + Chesapeake Reading Council, Past President

"She gave me the clarity and focus I needed in my business."

"Before I stumbled up on Jennifer, I was feeling extremely stuck and unhappy in my business. I wasn’t sure whether to give up the business and do something completely different or keep the business but make some major changes. Then came along Jennifer, which I believe to be a godsend for my business. I booked her 90 minute strategy session package. Incredible session! I was completely amazed at her ability to pull out exactly the cause of why I was stuck in my business. She gave me the clarity and focus I needed in my business. It was very easy to speak to Jennifer which I appreciated so much. She makes you feel safe and helps you believe in yourself to get through any obstacle you face in your business. I highly recommend Jennifer Milius to any service-based business owner who needs to get “unstuck” and get back to a happy place with their business. Thank you again Jennifer! You’re the best!"

Lisa Santos
Web Design & Online Marketing Specialist - LS Virtual Assistant Services, LLC

"You have inspired a generation of writers."

"You handled the eleven classes of students with sincere care and professionalism. We feel that it is our great fortune to have such a fantastic author visit our school. The children listened attentively to your words of encouragement and sat wide-eyed as you read from your Einstein and Moo series….We all love the way that you use rhyme to describe the adventures of Einstein and Moo. Listening to you read about those thrill-seeking kitties is endearing and fun for students of all ages. Your visit will not easily be forgotten. You have inspired a generation of writers."

With deep gratitude,

Nikki Martel

School Librarian

"The students were engaged and excited..."

“The students were engaged and excited to see the connection an author uses to make a book. This is such an important skill for students to learn, because as a teacher, after reading a story, I ask about personal connections to the story. I think doing more in school readings from an author is so beneficial in many ways.”

Ms. King

Kindergarten Teacher, Barron Elementary

"She captured their attention with her friendliness ..."

"I was impressed by the genuine interest that Jennifer showed in the children and how she captured their attention with her friendliness and questions about their own pets."

Sherry Lawson

Chairwoman, Friends of the Cape Charles Memorial Library 2016 Children’s Author Night Series

"On January 31, 2017, Jennifer Milius visited Court Street Academy, a small private school in Portsmouth, Virginia, where she gave a presentation to grades K3 through 2nd. The children were delighted to hear all about the author's kitties, Einstein and Moo. Ms. Milius is a warm, personable, and very engaging speaker, and the children adored her. Besides reading them two of her books and showing slides and videos of the real-life Einstein and Moo, she also allowed plenty of time for questions from her eager young audience. As the librarian at Court Street Academy, I am all about anything that will spark children's interest in books and help them to develop an eagerness for and love of reading. Having Ms. Milius come and give such a wonderful presentation certainly did just that! By the next afternoon, every Einstein and Moo book had been checked out by young readers whose enthusiasm for reading had been given a boost due to the opportunity to meet a genuine author who interacted so well with them."

Jeannie Barrow
Court Street Academy librarian

 "...talented and inspiring motivational speaker..."

"Jennifer Milius is a talented and inspiring motivational speaker and author. When she visited our school, she made time to speak and read to all Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade classrooms. She was enthusiastic and joyful with each and every class. She shared her writing process and her wonderful Einstein and Moo books with our students. Every student and teacher was so excited, enthusiastic, and motivated about reading and writing following Mrs. Milius’ presentation. A teacher came up to me afterwards to tell me she felt inspired to write that children’s book she had been brainstorming over the years. Also, a 1st grade student in my classroom felt so motivated and excited following her presentation that he wrote a book of his very own at home. The very next day, he brought an illustrated and “bound” (lovingly with tape and staples) book to school. The joy and confidence on his face while he shared was such a gift to witness. We thank Jennifer Milius so much for inspiring our young students and faculty – What a fantastic presentation!"

Amanda Hunley

1st Grade Teacher, Greenbrier Primary

"I had the pleasure of attending Jennifer Milius’s presentations made during the Virginia Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries and Volunteers (VAHAV) Annual Educational Conference on October 4, 2016. Jennifer conducted her sessions sharing her insights and experiences in the areas of Customer Service as well as effective Interpersonal and Business Communication and electronic communication etiquette. Both of her sessions were well attended. The feedback I received was extremely positive. Her programs gave insight on the ever-timely topics of effectively communicating within the workplace and suggestions to provide customers with the type of service any successful operation should strive for. Her material was relevant and up-to-date. Her presentation style was interactive and engaging. She was friendly, focused, knowledgeable, and relaxed. She spurred comfortable audience participation and used her PowerPoint presentation effectively….I would recommend Jennifer to any group seeking to improve their service and communication mindset."

Howard McAnany
VAHAV 2016 Conference Attendee

"You are an awesome speaker. I truly enjoyed your presentation, and your books are adorable. You gave me a sense of confidence that I can do this by taking achievable steps to reach my vision, by mapping out my goal."

"Jennifer has worked with me in revising my resume and preparing me to interview for positions that were at the next level of my career. She has inspired me to go for my goals and gave me the confidence to pursue them. Her expertise will be beneficial to so many people looking to take their careers to the next level. I encourage those looking for new opportunities to explore the services Jen provides and allow her to assist with your employment campaign."

Shawn Manning
Project Manager

"Jennifer has great leadership insights and has inspired me to keep working on my goals by providing me with actionable strategies and support. She is a compassionate leader with an amazing heart for helping women step into who they were created to be. I'm very honored we've crossed paths!"

"Jen was very honest about her feedback, but did it in a way that made me feel comfortable about receiving her opinions. She was also very compassionate and genuinely cared about my journey. I have much more confidence in my ability to showcase my abilities."

Ti'Asha J.
For Resumes that Stand Out

"Someone actually saw my potential"

“I felt grateful when someone actually saw my potential and believed I could do more – believed in me.”

"Helping people tap into skills and talents that they see as no big deal."

“Good at giving perspective and helping people tap into skills and talents that they see as no big deal. Things that, it’s like they’re almost too close to see how beneficial they can be to a business, then those things while seemingly unrelated or too different to some, bring a unique set of talents/skills that can be leveraged.”

"Feel more confident about myself"

“Jen helped empower me to feel more confident about myself and what I can offer.”

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