What's in the way of sharing your story?


We all might be works in process, but your first, next or current book doesn’t have to be


Whether you're a writer or an aspiring author, you have a message – a story – you want to write, tell, and share. You’re creative and whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, writing and publishing your first, next or current book is something that deep in your heart you want to accomplish – it’s a dream you have.

And it might even feel like the scariest thing you’ll ever do.

And so many barriers can get in the way.

Your inner editor is more like a critic and constantly shows up every time you sit down to write, beating you up for what you did or didn’t write and questioning if anyone will want to read what you’ve created.

Or maybe your staring at a blank page wondering how to even get started, so that this amazing story or message you want to share gets out of your head and into a book to share with others.

Or perhaps it’s not the writing process that scares you as much as the business side of things. When these thoughts come, you procrastinate on the writing and second guess your abilities to handle the business side instead of trusting that you DO have what it takes.


So if you're asking yourself: Can I do this? Am I enough?



The simple answer is yes.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you’re enough - and just as YOU are!

We all might be works in process, but your first, next or current book doesn’t have to be. Writing and sharing your story is challenging and courageous to do, but it’s worth it and so are you.

So if you’re ready to get out of your own way, tell your story, write your book, and confidently share it, then take the first step and join TufFish.

Author Jennifer Milius

And if we haven't met before...

Hi, I'm Jen!

I was in the corporate world for 20 years before starting my business, and when I wrote my first three Einstein and Moo stories. During that time, a big part of my path was leading high visibility programs and advising senior leadership for those programs while ensuring all levels of the company were considered and engaged. Alongside those duties, I informally coached and mentored individuals in their own careers to enjoy more meaningful work and increased leadership responsibilities. That's part of what led me to start my business.

One of my superpowers is helping you remove the barriers so that you are not only turning that idea into a book, but you're getting out there, sharing your published work, and owning your writing business with confidence! 

What's in a name? Why TufFish?


The TufFish name was inspired by a conversation with a fellow writer and friend for whom I served as a beta reader for several of her books. The first time she asked me to beta read, I jokingly replied that I would happily be her “fish” and would send her little nudges to “feed the fish” as I would finish chapters and be ready for more. During one of our chats, she told me that I was “one tough fish,” because I would gently push her to continue. This not only helped her storytelling but also improved her writing.

My intention was to help her create the best story possible so that she shined, but what I didn’t realize was how much of a passion it was for me until I did more. Each time I helped a fellow writer get "unstuck" by brainstorming a story plot for fiction or teasing out how to teach a concept for nonfiction, I felt full of joy. It was an honor to be a trusted advisor, sounding board and encourager to someone who is writing a book.

Writing a book can feel extremely vulnerable, but it is worth doing if it’s in your heart to do. It means there’s someone else who wants to read what you write. I’ve continued to use “fish” as a term of endearment and it stuck, so much so that when I knew this membership and podcast was the next part of my journey, there was no other name that felt like the perfect fit except TufFish.

So whether you need help with plot or character development, idea conceptualization for either fiction or nonfiction, or overcoming writer’s block/imposter syndrome, you have a trusted advisor and mentor as you write your book as well as navigate and lead your business.

Dianne Karg Baron

Studio Jeweller & Instructor, www.diannekargbaron.com

"Jen has been an invaluable second pair of eyes as I was preparing my manuscript. On the technical side, she offered copy editing suggestions and comments that helped the pages flow more effectively. She asked insightful questions, and through answering them, I was able to add bonus material that made the book feel even more complete and valuable. Most importantly, she took the time to get to know me, and to understand the philosophical impulse behind what I was writing and who I'm writing for. Her approach is warm and affirming - I came away from our session feeling even more excited about my project!"

"Thank you so much Jen!"

Be in the pond

We're all works in progress, but your first, current or next book doesn't have to be.

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