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Trust yourself to dig deeper and move to your next level

This solo episode gets into decisions that are necessary to move to your next level. It doesn’t matter how big or small the step is. It’s about taking that next step because each one pushes you out of your comfort zone and toward your next new level, which will require you to dig deep. It’s about not comparing your next level to someone else’s because it only matters what is big to you to accomplish. So whether you’re writing your first book, publishing your latest book in a different genre, doing your first interview, hosting your first book signing or even if you’ve done many of these before, but not at the scale or level where this new opportunity will take you, it still requires action. And some of those steps, may seem invisible to everyone around you, except to you, yet you still need to take them.

So if you’re questioning if you’re the right person for your book, or if you’ve said “yes” to opportunities and are in your head about them, or just need a pep talk, let this episode be encouragement to keep going.

Jennifer Milius is an entrepreneur, developmental editor, coach and accomplished multi-genre author who leverages her 20-year corporate career, undergraduate Communications degree, and M.B.A. to help creatives bring out their inner greatness so that they get comfortable using their voice, sharing their message, and being visible.

Having spoken to over thousands of elementary school students about courage and confidence as well as being host of The TufFish Show, Jen believes when you share your gifts and message, you bring joy to others and show what’s possible for them. Tapping into your full potential means that joy, purpose, and possibility are coming together through you.

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