Puzzling your book together with Janyre Tromp

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Welcome Janyre Tromp to The TufFish Show, a place to help writers and aspiring authors get out of their own way to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books and confidently sharing them with others. The writing process can be tough and the business side can feel scary, but TufFish makes both feel smoother and achievable.

You know when you just click with someone because it feels like you’ve met a kindred spirit? Well, that’s how I felt with Janyre Tromp, and this fun and in depth conversation is about tackling structure, editing, and puzzling your book together. No matter if you’re a panster, plotter, or puzzler, let the wisdom Janyre shares help you to strengthen your book, so it’s a solid version for your editor, which makes it the best it can be for your readers.

Janyre Tromp is a veteran book editor by day and writer of historical novels with a healthy dose of intrigue at night. She’s the best-selling author of Shadows in the Mind’s Eye and co-author of both O Little Town and It’s a Wonderful Christmas. And that all happens from her unfinished basement when she’s not hanging out with her family, two troublesome cats, and slightly eccentric Shetland Sheepdog.

Visit - http://www.JanyreTromp.com