Taking baby steps to reach the next level that's "big" for you with Jen Milius

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Sometimes when we see a leap of faith or achieve a new level, we know big steps are required. Yet, there’s real magic in baby steps. I believe if you choose to take them, they won’t slow you down, and that’s what this short and sweet episode is all about. I’d love to hear what comes up for you after you’ve had a listen, so let me know.

Jennifer Milius is an entrepreneur, author stylist, developmental editor, author, and host of The TufFish Show who helps creatives bring out their inner greatness so that they get comfortable using their voice, sharing their message, and being visible.

Whether it’s speaking to elementary school students about courage and confidence; helping authors and creatives move to their next level through coaching, developmental editing, refining keynote speeches, instructions through course or workshops; or even having them on The TufFish Show, Jen believes when you share your gifts and message, you bring joy to others and show what’s possible for them.

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