Why your words matter with Erica Richmond

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Welcome Erica Richmond to The TufFish Show, a place to help writers and aspiring authors get out of their own way to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books and confidently sharing them with others. The writing process can be tough and the business side can feel scary, but TufFish makes both feel smoother and achievable. 

This deep conversation with Erica Richmond about why your words matter is powerful. So many times, we as writers can get in our heads and stop writing because we doubt if anyone will care or if it will be any good, yet Erica shares not only insights for how to get out of your own way and unpack your big feelings, but how to remember why your words matter. Erica also talked about how she turned the big feelings she was processing into a story appropriate for children and why that was important.

Erica Richmond is the author of two self-published books including: Pixie and the Bees, a whimsical tale about learning to trust yourself while living with an invisible illness; and The Mail Art Stories Project: Mail Art in the Time of Covid-19, a collection of mail art from around the world that chronicles the Covid-19 pandemic. Through her business Open Sky Stories, Erica leads a variety of workshops which focus on connection and healing using expressive writing. 

Visit https://openskystories.com/

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