Marketing your book and growing your business with Jeff Heggie

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Welcome Jeff Heggie to The TufFish Show, a place to help writers and aspiring authors get out of their own way to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books and confidently sharing them with others. The writing process can be tough and the business side can feel scary, but TufFish makes both feel smoother and achievable. 

When you view your book as a way to bring more people into your world, into your business, it shifts how you think about and talk about the book. This powerful conversation with Jeff Heggie shows how a book can be a form of a business card, and what can happen when you stay open to the possibilities. Jeff shared his co-authoring journey and the importance of talking about your message, even if it’s exactly what you wrote in your book. Jeff provided some ways to come through the challenges that authors and business owners face. Whether you are in the middle of writing your book, have hit publish or have been at it while, let this conversation with Jeff keep you going and moving to your next level.

Jeff Heggie is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Author and Success Coach dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams. Specializing in mastering the mental game, he empowers athletes to reach their full potential and guides athletes and entrepreneurs to 10X goals by cultivating the right mindset. With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and coaching, Jeff breaks through mental and physical barriers to drive success. As a former professional rodeo cowboy and basketball coach with a deep appreciation for family and sports, he emphasizes the crucial role of mindset in achieving greatness. Jeff and his wife, Tamara, now call Arizona home, where they continue to inspire others to elevate their performance with confidence.

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