The TufFish Show with Jen Milius

What story are you telling?

Sometimes when things aren't completely clicking into place, any big goal - like writing and sharing your book - can start to feel too big and that it won't happen.

But I believe that if the story came to you, it must come through you to share.

And sometimes that can be the scariest thing to do.

But it's worth it, so I want to remind you that you're not behind and encourage you to keep showing up, give yourself permission to recharge as needed, but keep going and bring your dream - your book - to life!

You are a gifted storyteller - your words can transport your reader to new worlds, new adventures, new ways of thinking, and even new mindset shifts for themselves and what they believe is possible. Your words are powerful for them, but also for you.

So this week's episode on The TufFish Show is a solo one about what story are you telling yourself and what are you believing?

You've got what it takes and your dream is worth it!

Be in the pond!

We're all works in progress, but your first, current or next book doesn't have to be.

Join Jen for author interviews and be part of the conversation. An author interview kicks off our time together with space for live Q and A.

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