The TufFish Show with Jen Milius

What story are you telling?

One of the main messages in my business is about owning your space and letting your light shine. I wholeheartedly believe that there's only one YOU, and your gifts, message and story need to be shared. And I get how nerve wracking that can be.

The language we use, especially to ourselves, about ourselves is powerful.

The more you shifted your language toward success and believing you will do well, the more you will increase your confidence and it will show.

You are a gifted storyteller - your words can transport your reader to new worlds, new adventures, new ways of thinking, and even new mindset shifts for themselves and what they believe is possible. Your words are powerful for them, but also for you.

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You've got what it takes and your dream is worth it!

Be in the pond!

We're all works in progress, but your first, current or next book doesn't have to be.

Jump in the pond and get the inspiration, motivation and tangible tips to get out of your own way, tell your story, write your book, and confidently share it.

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