Overcoming blocks as a writer with Meg Nocero

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Welcome Meg Nocero to The TufFish Show, a place to help writers and aspiring authors get out of their own way to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books and confidently sharing them with others. The writing process can be tough and the business side can feel scary, but TufFish makes both feel smoother and achievable. 

One of the big themes I've heard as a podcast host and developmental editor is dealing with blocks. Whether it's a closed door or overcoming imposter syndrome to find and use your voice, so you can trust yourself to align to your purpose and write the story you want - or need - to tell. And this powerful conversation with Meg tackles this very theme. Meg shares how she leveraged her legal background as the transitions her career and life have taken to help her write, not one, not two, but three books, and one of which is her memoir. If you are feeling blocked along your writing/author journey, then be sure to listen to what Meg offers in this episode.

Meg Nocero, is an attorney, TEDx inspirational speaker, a certified happiness coach, and award-winning author of three books: The Magical Guide to Bliss, Sparkle & Shine, and Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief. Meg appeared on stage in Miami with Oprah, on CNN Español, and BookCon live. She hosts a Youtube/podcast show called Manifesting with Meg: Conversations with Extraordinary People and an IG Live called Amazing Authors.

Since she resigned from her career as a federal immigration prosecutor, she founded Butterflies & Bliss LLC and S.H.I.N.E. Networking Inc., a nonprofit that provides educational scholarships to young innovative leaders in her community. S.H.I.N.E. was just recognized as a winner in the Education, Arts & Culture, Networking, and Community Organization category of the Inaugural Anthem Awards—a national awards program that celebrates purpose and mission-driven work.

Visit - www.megnocero.com